How We’re Wired: Day of Rest

In this very fast-paced world, many are looking to ancient ways of dealing with modern problems. Today, stress is a huge contributor to illness and the reasons why seem to elude us. Hundreds of years ago, people who worked with their hands and minds still lived considerably long lives; even with the lack of breakthroughs in medical innovation that we enjoy today. Many are discovering that the reason why […]

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“I’m Shutting Down Applebee’s, So Don’t Be A Dingus.”

If you were to ask someone who doesn’t keep Shabbat when Shabbat starts, even if they were knowledgeable of other cultures, they’d probably tell you that it starts Friday night at sundown. While this seems fairly feasible, if you were to ask someone who keeps Shabbat when Shabbat starts for them, they’d probably tell you that it starts Friday afternoon, Friday morning, or even possibly Thursday or […]

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Shabbat: You Don’t Have To

A co-worker was walking by my desk one day and struck up a conversation with me. Somehow, we got on the subject of music and my band.  “But that’s gotta kinda suck that you can’t play shows on Friday nights because of the whole Jewish Sabbath thing.”  I didn’t really think about it too much before replying.  “No, actually it’s really nice to have a […]

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