About Okie Hebrew & Author

Meet Ken Lane aka: Yefet Ben Ezra – author of Okie Hebrew.

Shalom and welcome to Okie Hebrew. Okie Hebrew was primarily first started as a means of providing an Oklahoma perspective of Torah and Jewish living but has expanded to include content on modern Karaite Judaism, Karaite history, politics, preparedness and other assorted information.



I’m Ken Lane, aka: Yefet Ben Ezra – author of Okie Hebrew. I’m a twenty-something Tulsa, Oklahoma resident and when I’m not writing pieces for OkieHebrew.com, I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist for OakTree IT well as writing pieces for Oklahoma-based Currentland Magazine. I enjoy creating music as Yefet Ben Ezra as well as discussing the Oneness of God and beauty of creation with people of all faiths or no-faith at the pub over a pint of beer. I’m also married to the beautiful and virtuous Shakhar bat David. She has my heart.

Feel free to peruse the site, ask questions and tell me how I’m wrong and why. 
Shalom and God Bless. 
– Ken, YBE