What We Leave Behind: Going Organic Even in Death

These days, people are starting to realize that incorporating more natural ways into their lives is very beneficial. I’ve spoken with more people in the past couple years that have reduced the amount of fast food they eat, preferring organic alternatives in the grocery store, and some even (like myself) drinking untreated raw milk (which I’d recommend for the flavor alone; it’s delicious). People are […]

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Learning From the Sikhs: Self-Defense For the Spiritually Inclined.

As the debate over gun regulation rages on, the issue of senseless shootings and religious freedom crossed paths when, in early August, ex-military and white supremacist Wade Michael Page opened fire on worshipers at a Sikh temple in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My first thought about the shooting was one of utter shock that someone could think to harm a place of worship of one […]

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Carrying a Mitzvah

The night before last, my wife and I stopped off at a gas station a few blocks from our home on the way back from some evening errands. I went inside while my wife stayed in the car with the door locked. As I came back outside, I noticed there was a woman at my wife’s side of the car talking to her through the […]

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Small Town Synagogue: Oklahoma’s Jewish Beginnings

I’ll admit that part of the shtick of my blog is that I talk about Hebrew concepts and living by the Torah in a predominantly non-Jewish place, but there once was a time when Oklahoma had several thriving Jewish communities. Any T-Town resident can see the evidence of Tulsa’s once-burgeoning Jewish beginnings in the names of buildings and foundations all over the city; from OU-Tulsa’s […]

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